• Classroom Management & Expectations 


    I am dedicated to creating a safe classroom environment, where all of my students have countless opportunities to grow both socially and academically.  As a class, our main goal is to create a community where everyone is self-motivated to learn, confident, and successful.

    During the first few weeks of school, we generate a list of expectations, in addition to the general rules of the school.  The guidelines for our classroom expectations are set by our discussions of “Hopes and Dreams,” an activity in which students discuss and illustrate their thoughts and feelings about the previous school year and the year to come.

    Students share what they would like to happen during the school year, and we decide that in order to make our dreams come true, we need to establish expectations.

    Our list of expectations is clear, concise, and stated positively.  We revisit these expectations many times throughout the school year to reaffirm our classroom is running smoothly.



    7th Grade Classroom Management Plan



    Be SAFE



    Be KIND

    Do your PERSONAL BEST—always!!



    1.    Proximity Prompt

    2.    Verbal Prompt

    3.    Separation

    4.    Family Involvement

       *Family Contact

       *Administrator/Dean of Students/(Counselor) Awareness

    5.    Dean of Students

    6.    Administrator

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