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  • Welcome back! I'm glad you've grasped the fundamentals of ASL 1. ASL II puts your understanding of this visual, spacial language into action. Your conversational skills will improve through engagement in many signed interactions, direct instruction, partner and group activities, and signed presentations. We'll continue to explore the use of visual space, grammar, and non-manual signals through receptive and expressive modes.

    This course will cover: idioms, fingerspelling, numbers, vocabulary, grammar, higher level conversational skills, translatiion of songs, describing every day situations, and topics about Deaf history and culture. The no-voice policy will be enacted and English will be allowed during specific times. It's going to be a great year. Let's have some fun!



    All assignments are under ASL 1-3 Calendar listed in the ASL 2 section



    See class calendar and documents for all assignments and due dates. Also, check classroom agenda daily for announcements, assignments, and upcoming Deaf Events.