Love 2 Sign

ASL 3! Wow!

  • Welcome Aslers! I'm SO proud you've made it this far and want to continue with this beautiful, visual language. This ASL 3 class continues developing intermediate/advanced abilities in receptive and expressive skills, grammatical structures, the use of classifiers, vocabulary, and the study of Deaf culture. This is a full emmersion course. Students are expected to demonstrate their ability to utilize non-verbal communication in a variety of classroom experiences including presentations, debates, current events, conversational activities, teacher-student conversations, student-student conversations, signing children stories, and mingling with the Deaf community. 

    This class can also be taken for concurrent credit through Boise State University. You can earn up to eight college credits for BSU ASL 101 and 102 classes. We will follow both BSU and WASD curriculum and practices. Looking forward to a great year! 


    Announcements and Assignments

    See class calendar and documents for upcoming Deaf Events. Also, check classroom agenda daily for announcements, assignments, and upcoming Deaf Events.