Iwo Jima

US History 11

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    This website will have all the information you will need to succeed in History 11.
    Homework is due in hard copy form at the beginning of class. Students will be required to stay in during lunch to complete incomplete/missing/future work during the following lunch.
    ALL students are expected demonstrate mastery of the content and skills in this course. Mastery is defined as 90% or above on written assessments and projects and 100% on quizzes and exams.
    If students do not attain mastery on the first assessment of a lesson or unit they are allowed to attend lunch and/or after school remediation sessions in order to attain mastery. They will then be reassessed on the content and skills.
    For your information, students may receive college credit for this course through Boise State. Information will be provided in class. You can find more information below.
    Learning objectives and classroom activities for our units. Students also have a paper copy of this information.