Welcome to Business Professionals of America

  • Actively participating in BPA gives students many opportunities to develop life skills you will use during your careers. 

    Technical Skills
    Understanding how organizations operate
    Many more 

    Volunteer opportunities 

    Colleges are looking for students with leadership and technical skills you get from BPA.

    We sponsor Act Out Loud, a safe diriving event at CHS.

  • BPA Officers

    President                   Katie Tidwell

    Vice President          Elena Yang

    Secretary                   Julie Hetherington

    Treasurer                  Riley Carnopis

    Parliamentarian        Austin Li

    Historian                   Mitzi Don


    Ms. Jeanne Paseman, Room 230
    Mr. Stan Adona, Room 120
    Mr. Garrett Mick, Room Computer Science Lab #1
    Ms. Nancy Herrbach, Computer Science Lab #2