•  7th Grade World Civilizations is a continuation of material from 6th grade.  As a Survey class, we cover a lot of historical eras!  Introducing many concepts in history to our students in 7th grade leaves them better prepared for the more in depth history classes that are offered in High School . 

    We begin our year at the European Explorers, and cover the Renaissance, Reformation, Revolutions, and Industrial Revolution in the first semester.  In second semester, we cover the 20th Century beginning with the 1st World War.  We will look at the causes and outcomes of both this and the 2nd World War.  We finish with the Cold War era and some of the policies of current day. 

    An ongoing theme in our class will be relating history and current events to the idea of Human Rights.  We begin our year by learning what the United Nations believes are all people's Human Rights.  We will revisit these rights throughout the year, as they apply to all different aspects of history.