• Proper Keyboarding Technique is assessed each day.  
 Keyboarding & Digital Tools Course Description



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Keyboarding & Digital Tools Course Description

Keyboarding:  Students will develop typing skills, including home-row positioning, using the QWERTY keyboard and district approved software. While technique is primary, development of speed and accuracy is integral to the course. Students will refine and apply their keyboarding skills using project-based learning with Microsoft Word.  Classroom instruction will be differentiated to support varied skill levels.

Digital Tools:  Students will develop skills to be able to manage their files, complete assignments, present projects, and communicate with teachers using different digital tools, including Microsoft 365 & its cloud-based applications. The difference between working in the cloud vs. on a client server from the district will also be learned and applied.  Students will become digital citizens and learn how to practice safe, ethical, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.  Students will be able to. . .

Develop strategies to be safe while working online and in the cloud.

Create their own district passwords and keep them private.

Identify examples of appropriate and inappropriate information to share on the web.

Define and demonstrate how to create positive connections on the web.


Student progress is continually monitored. The following assessments are conducted regularly:

  • In-class assignments
  • Average of progress and accuracy for ET lessons
  • Timed tests and quizzes
  • Computer technique evaluations

Computer Technique Grade Criteria:
A=Student consistently maintains all 6 proper techniques.
B=Student generally maintains all proper techniques with lapses in one area.
C=Student generally maintains most techniques with lapses in a couple of areas.
D=Student does not maintain proper technique in most areas.
F=Student rarely maintains proper technique in any area.
*Please note: Students will have the opportunity to evaluate themselves and discuss this grade with the teacher


Keyboarding & Digital Tools Department has agreed to the following weighted categories:

Classwork - 60%

Quizzes - 30%

Assessments - 10%

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