GT 8 Course Description



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GT 8 Course Description

The GT 8 courses focus on creative and higher-order thinking.  Second semester in the GT Enrichment 8 course, the affective (social/emotional) needs of the gifted learner will also be addressed.  

The GT/ELA course offers rigorous instruction in the reading process, reading comprehension and interpretation, higher-level vocabulary acquisition, language usage, the writing process, writing applications, writing components and types of writing.  In this course students will complete in-depth studies of informational and literary texts with a focus on analysis and evaluation.  As a part of this process students will develop advanced literary response skills.  Emphasis is placed on developing writing skills that go beyond the formulaic middle school piece and demonstrate a deeper grasp of written communication through manipulation of tone/mood, voice, style, etc.

Four concept-based units are covered using the lens of "Investigations":

  1. Mysteries = Narrative (esp. tone/mood)
  2. Inventions & Technology = Informational
  3. Rites of Passage = Argument
  4. Culmination = Presentations


GT/ELA 8 has the following weighted categories:

Classwork - 50%

Quizzes - 40%

Assessments - 10%

First semester students are in GT Western Geographical Perspectives:

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive study of geographical perspectives in the Western World.  Emphasis will be placed on an introduction to geographic skills.  This course will also focus on the study of how physical geography, history, government, culture and economics within a region impact those living in that region and other countries and people throughout the world.  Specific units of study will include:  Introduction to Geography, USA and Canada, Central America, South America and Western Europe.

This grade book is set up with the following weighted categories:

  • Classwork - 60%
  • Quizzes - 30%
  • Assessment - 10%


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