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    Counseling Groups

    School counseling groups will begin in January for selected students. Please contact the school counselor or return the attached form to have your child considered for a group. Group availability is based on the number of students referred for each group, the ages of the students, and the classroom schedules.

    Groups Available:

    Toolbox ---Toolbox is a research-based, community-tested K-6th grade social and emotional learning program that strengthens children’s innate capacity for resilience, self-mastery and empathy for others.


    Friendship Group --- The purpose of Friendship Group is to enhance social skills, practicing ways to make and keep friends, learning techniques to resolve peer conflicts, and work on listening and communicating with others.


    Changing Families---The purpose of this group is to explore families and how they are the same and how they are different and to help students see the positive about being part of their unique family.


    Other Groups may be available based on need such as:

    Understanding Divorce       *Stress Less       *Grief        *Inside Out (self esteem)      Military Deployement       Study Skills


    *students with these needs may also benefit from Toolbox group