• Here are the days that your kiddo has his/her specials.  


    Please, make sure that he/she returns his/her Library book on the Library day (when they start checking them out) or he/she will not be able to check another one out until he/she does so.  Also, please keep his/her library book in his/her backpack so that it is easily found and not left at home.


    Also, on P.E. days your child needs to wear tennis shoes, or in the winter bring a pair that they can slip on quickly.  No boots, sandals, etc. for P.E., please.


    Specials are; Computer, Music, P.E. & Library

    AM K for Frazier: 


    Monday = P.E.

    Tuesday = N/A

    Wednesday = Music

    Thursday = Computer

    Friday = Library


    PM K for Frazier:


    Monday = P.E.

    Tuesday = Music

    Wednesday = Computer

    Thursday = Library

    Friday = N/A