• SAT Scores are available through the College Board website. Follow the instructions below to access them.


    1. Go to and create an account if you have not created one already.

    2. Click on SAT

    3. If it tells the student that they have no scores: Click "Get Scores" and fill out the form using their information.

              a. If the student no longer has their registration number they can contact their counselor by email and she will give it to them.

              b. Once the registration number and other information has been provided, scores should come up.

    4. Reminder a perfect score is 1600. A perfect score in each area is 800. They are no longer counting the writing unless the college you are attending wants it.

    5. If you have questions please contact your counselor.

  • The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a measure of critical thinking skills and assesses how well you analyze and solve problems. Each edition of the SAT includes critical reading, math, and a writing section.

    It is recommended that you take the SAT in the spring of your junior year or the fall of your senior year.

    Beginning spring 2012 the Idaho State Board is offering FREE SAT exams for all juniors enrolled in a public school in the state of Idaho.

    Some out of state colleges or universities may prefer the SAT over the ACT for admissions. Check with the individual schools you are interested in to find out their preference on college entrance exams.

    To prepare to take the SAT exam many students sign up for the PSAT their sophomore or junior year.

    More information can be found on the SAT website at