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    What you need to know about CTE Shuttles! 

    West Ada School District is committed to offering robust Career and Technical Education classes. Many specialized CTE Pathway labs (including the equipment) are cost prohibitive to establish at each zoned-home high school. For those classes, students may opt to select CTE "traveling" class/es during Spring Registration. Each CTE Magnet Pathway classes are taught at one of three CTE Centers located at Centennial, Meridian and Renaissance Campuses.  West Ada provides CTE shuttles for students who take a "traveling" class from each zoned-home high school to all three CTE Center and back. These shuttles run the entire school year in the morning and afternoons on both A and B Days. Students catch a shuttle in the bus loading zone.  The week before school begins, busing details are posted below. DON'T PANIC if this is your son/daughters first time going off campus to a CTE class. It is worth it; students adjust very quickly and there will be school personnel assisting students with the transition details.  Busing announcements will be made, shuttle information will be posted in the bus loading zone where students catch these buses. For further details, follow the CTE Busing Information link and read the FAQs below.  

    What to expect in 2020-2021.

    • CTE Shuttles will run as long as Covid conditions support students coming physically to school to attend classes even if the schedule is modified. The one exception would be if students are solely engaged in remote learning only. 
    • Each zoned-home high school (Eagle, Centennial, Meridian, Mountain View, Rocky Mountain) will have CTE shuttles running to and from each of the three CTE Centers (on Renaissance, Meridian and Centennial campuses).  Shuttles will run each day (both A and B days) for morning and afternoon classes.
    • Students who attend a West Ada Academy ride zoned-home high school shuttles to the CTE Center if they are scheduled for a morning class(es) and then a CTE return shuttle will be scheduled to get them to the Academy for their afternoon classes.  If Academy students are scheduled for a CTE afternoon class(es) then a CTE shuttle is arranged to bring them to the CTE Center then, after class, they ride a zoned-home high school shuttle back at the end of the day. They do not return first to the Academy therefore students need to bring with them anything they wish to bring home from school. These students should check with their counselor or administrator about their specific shuttle information. 
    • The 2020-2021 CTE Shuttle Sheets will be posted during the week before the new school year begins. Please check back then. If you are curious and want to preview a sample schedule, the 2019-20 schedules are at the bottom of this page until replaced by the 2020-21 sheets.   Please read: What CTE Shuttle Riders Need to Know


    Can I self-transport or carpool instead of riding a CTE shuttle?
    Students MUST complete each year, a Self-Transportation From and have it on file at their home high school to drive or carpool to an off-campus CTE class. When they turn in the completed form, those with permission to drive, should receive a CTE sticker. The sticker is designed to adhere to students’ high school parking passes. While at another campus to take their traveling CTE classes, without a CTE sticker, students will be ticketed. A one-week grace period, the first week of each semester, provides students with adequate time to comply. Students who elect to drive and carpool are expected to commit to the decision fully for the applicable CTE class timeline.   

    Do any of the CTE traveling classes require students to provide transportation?

    Yes. Some CTE classes require self-transportation. See a current High School Course Description Handbook, which includes a Career and Technical Program section. Specific CTE class information identifies the classes that require students to provide their own transportation. (In the handbook, look for a "car" icon indicating which classes have this requirement.) Mostly, these are senior-level classes that have an externship component as part of the required coursework. This means that students must provide transportation to a local business or businesses to complete the externship commitment hours.    

    Where do I catch my CTE shuttle?

    CTE Shuttles load/unload in the main bus loading zones at each large home high school.  An exception is at the CTE Center on the MHS Campus.  CTE students getting dropped off and picked up returning to their home high schools load/unload closer to the center given it is in a separate building. 


    2019-20 CTE Shuttle Sheets for each high school: 
    NOTE: The following sheets will be replaced with currrent information a week prior to the upcoming school year.

    Centennial H.S.     Eagle H.S.     Meridian H.S.    Mountain View H.S.     Rocky Mountain H.S.  Academies
    NOTE: Residential Construction Level 1 students attend classes at RHS.  Level 2 and 3 construction
    students ride shuttles to MHS where they will build Achievement House as their 2019-20 class project.


    2019-20 2nd Semester Busing Sheets for CTE Centers:

    CTE Center - Centennial Campus   CTE Center - Meridian Campus  CTE Center - Renaissance Campus

    IMPORTANT - Students are expected to ride, regularly, the provided CTE shuttles. If there are no regular riders, those CTE shuttles will be discontinued. Students may choose to self-transport or carpool. If so, they need to commit to the decision for the entire semester or year.  Students who do not ride the CTE shuttle, must complete the Self Transportation paperwork and submit it to the home high school. This includes both drivers and all passengers in private vehicles. To avoide a parking ticket, student drivers must display a CTE sticker to park at a CTE Center. Ticketing begins the second week of school. CTE parking stickers are given out at the home high school when paperwork is turned in.