School Counseling
  • The Meridian Middle School Counseling Program

    • Provides guidance curriculum in the classroom and via group activities. Topics will be identified annually using a school-wide needs assessment. Selected topics promote knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in the areas of academic, emotional/social, and career development growth.

    • Provides case management, individual or small-group, to help students establish personal goals and develop future plans. Counselors will coordinate activities that help all students plan, monitor and manage their own learning as well as meet competencies in the areas of academic, career, and emotional/social growth.

    • Provides responsive services that meet students’ immediate needs by providing consultation, individual and small-group counseling, crisis counseling, and peer mediation.  

    • Provides systemic support using leadership and advocacy skills to promote systemic change through staff training, professional association membership, and consultation with staff and parents/guardians.  Counselors provide information, support the school community, and identify the emerging needs of students.