• BSU kanji list

    Kanji list is linked here.  The kanji are all hotlinked to jisho.org information about them.

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  • BSU Vocabulary 5 (and 6) Nakama


    Here's the quizlet for Vocab 5   to help practice for the NBSU test.  It only tests chapters 1-5, but if you want to go above and beyond, here's  one for  Vocab 6, too.



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  • BSU Vocabulary 4 Nakama

    Here's a link to vocabulary, chapter 4, to help you study for the final.

    Image result for japanese town

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  • BSU VOCABULARY 3  Nakama


    Click on this exciting link for a quizlet that will help you study our 3rd installment of amazing vocabulary.  Go ahead.  Click here.  I dare you.

    link is here, too

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  • Chapter 1

    Here's a PDF with vocabulary for the next quiz. 

     You already know a lot of it.

    Click right here.

    We'll study this and simple grammar, and have a quiz over it based upon BSU's Japanese 101 standards.

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  • Here is the text from our relay race

    Here is the grammar review worsheet, complete with the dialogue. Print it here if you need a new copy.


    Here is information on plain forms; basically very simple versions of the PF Charts.


    Finally, here is the Kanji review sheets.

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  • Here's a copy of the review interview assignment.  if you need to make it up, print it out and turn in completed.

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  • Welcome to Japanese 3.  I'll try to keep current assignments here for you to download.  Linked here is a copy of the student info sheet I had you fill out,  and here is a copy of my classroom expectations.

    Also, because it's never too soon-  her is the spring eoc requirements for both even and odd year spring assessments.


    Concurrent Enrollment is offered during both Japanese 3 or 4 classes through BSU.  Here's a link to an important webpage.


    Also, if you're interested in seeing what a backpack trip across Japan might look like, here's a blog from a few years back about a similar trip.  Prices may have changed a bit.



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