Attendance Policy

 Amanda Alexander, Attendance Secretary

Phone: 208-350-4161


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Amanda Alexander, Attendance Secretary

Students are allowed 3 absences per class period during the semester. A parent call is required within 48 hours of absence to prevent truancy.

Please call by 9:00 am to parent verify your student's absence (PRC code in powerschool)

Please always supply documentation when attending Medical, Dental, or Court appointments in order to have absence waived (WAI code in powerschool).  Bring documentation to the Attendance Office or have faxed or emailed.  I try to process these daily, but allow a couple days to show up in Powerschool.

Parents need to call the attendance office for students to obtain a permit to leave.  Permits to leave must be called in 30 minutes prior to student needing to leave. If the student is sick, they should visit the nurse's office.  Any student leaving campus without a PTL, will be considered truant.  Please leave a detailed message (spell name of student and the time you would like student released).  Messages are checked every 5 to 10 minutes except during lunch from 12:30 to 1:00.

A student will be marked tardy if they are up to 10 minutes late to class.  If the student has more than 3 tardies they must serve detention to avoid loosing credit.  Lunch detention is the only detention time this year and the detention must serve the same day (or the next day if in the afternoon). One TL or 2 Tardies will be removed per 30 minute session.  Lunch detention will be from 11:00 am to 11:30 am (you may bring your lunch) in the north upstairs gym.
A student arriving to class more than 10 minutes late needs to sign in at the attendance office and will receive a tardy late.  One tardy late can result in loss of credit.  
Amanda Alexander
Attendance Secretary 
fax #208-350-4178