• Students have a variety of homework options to choose from. If you need access to their accounts please contact me at fischer.brian@westada.org 

    Reading and writing- http://www.k12reader.com/common-core-standard/ccss/ccss-4/  This site has reading passages and then students answer questions in response.  This is a great way to practice restating the question, and citing evidence.

    http://xtramath.org  -Students can practice their math facts and it keeps track of what facts they have mastered.

    Journey's Online- Read the weekly story and do enrichment activities. www.westada.org/EdApps and click on Think Central.

    Think Through Math http://Thinkthroughmath.com - Students are working on individual math concepts based on a placement test.  A live support person is available for assistance.

    Spelling- Sample Spelling Game Practice Ideas to practice spelling. Here is our class spelling city and students can find the list based on our weekly story.

    Independent Reading - Students can be reading a book that they enjoy.  They should choose part of the time reading outloud to practice fluency.

     Scholastic - Students can read articles on the electronic version of scholastic at http://www.scholastic.com/sn4  and then they can write a summary on their Classnote.

    Discovery Education Board Builders Students can practice note taking and do research for projects. Contains searchable videos.  www.westada.org/EdApps and click on Discovery Ed.

    Book Reviews- Use this Book Review Form as a guide.  You can write on the document, use your own paper, type it and print it out, or type it and email it to me.




    xtramath - http://xtramath.org  -Students  have accounts and can practice their math facts and it keeps track of what facts they have mastered.

    mathfactcafe.com- Print out flash cards or do online flash cards.  Go to Pre-Made worksheet then select third grade.

    multiplication.com- these are fun interactive online multiplication games.

    Math Fact Flip Game-  These sheets allow you to print out little flip book games.

    Pirate Multiplication Equations-  This worksheets allow students to connect factors with the product.  

    Flash Cards- Print out old fashioned flash cards.

    School House Rock Videos- on youtube search for School House Rock multiplication.  They have some great songs to support multiplication.

    Multiplication Using a number line video

    Multiplication Using a number line worksheet

    10 Ways to practice mutliplication facts- Different ideas are shared on how you can work on your math facts.

    multiplication Mania- Worksheet on different practice strategies.