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Pre-Engineering Pathway

  • West Ada School District's Career Technical Education (CTE) Pre-Engineering Pathway was launched in 2007, received national accreditation in 2010 and is a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) nationally certified program. PLTW is the nations' leading provider of STEM training for teachers and curriculum that helps students develop the skills needed to perform in a global economy.  The field of engineering seeks creative minds along with those who have good communication skills and the ability to work well with others. Engineering problem solving and innovation brings to life the use of math, science, physics and computing skills. Students in this pathway learn to create, design, test and problem solve as they move through the pathway course offerings. Students in any West Ada middle schools can elect to take a PLTW Gateway to Technology class and at the elementary level, Barbara Morgan, Spalding, Desert Sage and Summerwind Elementary Schools offer many students PLTW STEM learning opportunities.

    Pre-Engineering  Prerequisite Classes:

    Introduction to Engineering - a 9th grade, year-long class offered at each zoned-home high school and at Renaissance High School 

    Principles of Engineering - a 10th grade, year-long class also offered at each zone-high school and at Renaissance High School. Concurrent credit optional.

    CTE Center - Renaissance Campus Classes:

    -Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) taught by Mr. Smith; two-period semester class

    -Digital Electronics (DE) taught by Mr. Wax; two-period semester class

    -Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) taught by Ms. Oosterhuis; two-period year-long class; Concurrent credit optional

    -Aerospace Engineering (AE) taught by Mr. Wax; a 1st semester, two-period class.

    -Engineering Design and Development (EDD) taught by Mr. Smith; a 2nd semester, two-period class. This Pre-Engineering capstone class is highly recommendedStudents must be enrolled in HS Math III or above. The curriculum is designed to challenge students to work in small groups to design a solution to a technical problem of their choosing. This requires students to pursue the entire engineering design process, which requires all aspects--research, document, design, construct, test, evaluate.  Students who apply themselves are giving the support and guidance needed to be successful and scope of the experience will elevate their engineering skillset and confidence as a problem solver. The course may be taken for concurrent credit.

    Also available - Pathway Brochures

    For complete details, see the CTE Magnet Program section of the most current edition of the Course Description Handbook.