Library Policies

  • Summerwind Library

  • Welcome to the Summerwind STEM Library!  

    General Policies:

     ~Kindergarten  - First Semester - students will learn about the library,

                                   how to use good library behavior, and how to care for books. 

                                   Second Semester - students may check out 1 book.

    ~ 1st grade - students may check out one book a week. 

    ~ 2nd grader - students may check out 2  Everybody or 1 chapter book for one week.

    ~ 3rd - 5th graders may check out 2 books for one week. 

    ~ Books may be renewed up to 3 times.

    ~ Once a student has an overdue book they are not allowed to check out anymore

        until their overdue titles are returned or paid for.

    ~ If a book is damaged or lost it is the student’s responsibility to pay for the title.

    ~ If a book is found in good condition within 6 months, a refund will be issued.

    If you have questions about what your student has checked out,

         the best way to reach me is by e-mail.

  • Costs for Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Equipment

    Students will be held responsible for ALL damage or loss to their device, device charger, Hotspot resulting from negligence or misuse. This includes but not limited to broken screens, cracked pieces, damaged/removed keys, damaged mouse and inoperability, etc. In the event of damage not covered by the warranty, the student and parent will be billed for the cost of repairs. Repairs must be made by the West Ada School District Technology Department. The student may check out a loaner device until repairs are made (unless damage is due to gross negligence, intentional destruction, or willful misconduct – the administration will then determine device use for the student). 

    West Ada School District offers an “Optional Device Protection Plan.” The cost of the optional insurance is $25 for 1 year of coverage and can be renewed each year. This $25 cost covers one (1) claim per year for accidental damage, loss, or theft. Subsequent claims may be filed with school administration and will incur a $20 deductible. Negligence, gross negligence or purposeful damage, failure to file a police report for lost or stolen devices, and the loss/damage of accessories (charger, charging cable, case, and optional stylus) and intentional damage to someone else’s device are NOT covered by this insurance. When necessary, a loaner device can be checked out while repairs are being completed.


    Apple iPad Repair Costs (Updated 10/13/20)

    • Screen Repair $120 
    • Device Replacement $299 
    • Logitech Rugged Case = $50.00
    • Apple Wall Charger $10.00 
    • Lightning Cable $10.00 

    Laptop (HP X360) Repair Costs (Updated 10/13/20)

    • Screen Replacement $300 
    • Device Replacement (Year 1) $450
    • Device Replacement (Year 2) = $350
    • Device Replacement (Year 3) = $250
    • Device Replacement (Year 4+) = $150
    • HP Active Pen/Stylus Replacement $35
    • HP 45W Smart AC Adapter $17
    • BumpArmour Tech Pro Laptop Case $17