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Animal Science

  • Veterinary Technologists and Technicians work under the supervision of a Veterinarian. They help prep, assist, give medicines, diagnose, and treat animal illnesses and injuries. As veterinarians perform more specialized prcedutes, tehcnologists and technicians will permore more complex work. Demand for this occupation will remain strong.  The medium wage in Idaho, is $28,310 and Idaho labor data projects moderate job growth, projecting 12 job openings a year. (Idaho CIS, 2016)

    In the West Ada School District, students throughout the entire district, unless they attend one of the two Charter High Schools, may take a series of elective program classes that culminate in a Veterinary Assistant Internship the senior year. Before students leave high school they can get a ring-side seat in figuring out if this career field is a good fit by exploring many potential employment opportunities. During the Internship, students engage in hands-on experiences by assisting local veterinarians with, for example, lab work, first aid, dental care, surgery preparation and treatment reports. They also learn firsthand the inner workings of office procedures and the importance of sucessful interactions between pet, pet owner and veterinarian staff members. Classes are:

    Prerequisite Classes Offered at zoned home high schools:

    Introduction to Animal Science - a one credit semester class

    Botany/Plant & Soil Science - a one credit semester class

    Zoology/Animal Science - a one credit semester class

    (Student may take the classes above at the tech center if they are not offered at their school.) 

    Tech Center Classes are: (1 credit semester classes unless specified)

    Equine Science I and Advanced Equine II

    Small Animal Care

    Zoology/Fish and Wildlife

    Animal Nutrition

    Veterinarian Assistant Internship -a 2 credit year-long class. Students must provide self transportation to off-site clincials and externship experiences.

    For complete details and to learn about other classes that may be of interest, see the current Course Description Handbook

    Also available - Program Brochures