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Residential Construction

  • The program is three years long and each class is a yearlong elective class. Students can advanced beyond high school easily in this field by heading directly into the work force with their knowledge and applied construction skillset or transition on to college in a related field of study such as to BSU's Construction Management program with a clear edge of practical knowledge and experiences.  At a minimum, regardless of whether these students pursue this particular career field, these students have developed practical math skills, will be a savvier home buyer than most and be able to save money on home repairs and upgrades.  

    Level 1 students take their off-campus classes at the CTE Center - Renaissance Campus. Transportation is provided to and from the center. First year students learn their beginning construction skills in a construction lab classroom. This gives them the tools, allotted space to build small structures such as sheds, and chicken coops in order to simulate and teach the building-block skills needed to advance to the next two levels. This helps prepare them to be successful when they begin to work on a largescale-community construction project, as juniors and seniors in the program.  In the level 2 and 3 classes, students work on district sponsored projects in partnership with BSU's Construction Department.  BSU Construction Association students practice project-management oversight on the project as well as, industry partner sponsors that donate everything from materials, labor, and/or expertise.  At the more advanced levels, students erect, build, install, paint and do everything needed except for the plumbing, foundation and electrical work.  An example, students may build a Student, Family and Community Resource Center at one of the district’s elementary schools. When completed, these types of centers hosts after-school, before-school, and summer childcare programs and provide a space for additional learning opportunities that encourage academic enrichment. Or, they may be a medical facility that provides health and medical services. By collaborating with established community partners, all of these services are delivered, at little or no cost to families and they provide the support intended to provide stability and lifelong advances in learning. Separate busing is provided to and from the off-site construction location for the advanced students as well.

    West Ada high school CTE construction students, local construction companies and oversight by students in BSU’s Department of Construction Management, together, built this center. 

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