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Art Class Lessons


    Welcome to a bright new school year! My name is Mrs. Wydick, the Fine Arts Specialists and I am looking forward to teaching your talented children! I have planned wonderful projects this year in Art Class that I am sure your children will love.  Please keep in mind that in art class we are making some messes. Even with all the efforts we take with wearing smocks and aprons; kids still manage to get media on their clothes. Please take precautions by having students wear older clothing when attending art class.

    Art Portfolios will be sent home at the end of each semester. Projects are displayed at music performances, at the Art Show during the Carnival in May.  Other displays are on upper campus, district office, Eagle Library and around our Eagle community. Parents are invited to visit the art room to see student portfolios. The examples of what each grade is working on will be pictured in our newsletter on my website. These examples are graded either 3 (grade level) or above.


    Travel around the world and back in history with us to meet famous artists! Check out the website to see the artists we are learning about and for pictures of artwork, displays, volunteer opportunities and more.

    Over the year the curriculum is divided into 4 Reporting Topics: Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting.

    Then is it divided into 4 units for each quarter: Intro to Art: All Elements of Art; Drawing: Line, Shape; Painting: Color, Value, Space; Sculpture: Texture, Form.

    They will learn about 14 different artists: Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Audubon, Homer, Cassatt, Edwards-Green, Marc, Disney, Davis, Castle, Seigel & Shuster, Olsen, Thurston, Pixar.

    Art Book: Each student has a 50-page Art Book that they will draw, write and journal in all year long. It has their grade level curriculum integrated with activities. They learn about Elements of Art, Artists and Critiquing Art! They will take this home at the end of the year. Each grade has their own version which are shown on my website. https://www.westada.org/Page/52290

    Each time a class attends art I reward two students based on good behavior and positive attitude. Students choose from the Treasure Chest for a prize! I also give out Eagle Pride tickets that they are put into a drawing for a prize! I also send a note to the classroom teacher on how the entire class did: 1,2,3: 3 Being the Best!