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    Renee Lumley - CNA II
    Scott Marema - Medical Terminology

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    HOSA - Future Health Professionals
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    Video: A Day in the Life of a Nursing Assistant
    Idaho CNA Info and FAQs 
    Global Supply of Health Professionals

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) helps patients with their healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse. A wide variety of work settings need CNAs such as nursing homes, hospitals, care centers, assisted living facilities and in-home care. CNAs have daily contact with their patients, they are monitoring their vitals, and assisting with medicines, daily hygiene and living activities. To be a good fit for this often-demanding work, having compassion for others and the willingness and desire to help them, is essential. There are always job openings in this field because many CNAs continue their education in order to expand their career opportunities in the Health Care Industry.


Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway

  • West Ada's Career Technical Education (CTE) CNA Pathway begins in 10th grade with Health Professions - a two-period semester class. The class is a foundational prerequisite class where students learn sports medicine skills and about the health care industry. This class is taught at each zoned-home high school so to begin the CNA pathway, no travel is involved. The following advanced classes for junior and senior students are taught at the CTE Center - Renaissance Campus.  These classes are open to all high school students who attend their (zoned) home high school, an Academy or Renaissance High School and have successfully completed Intro to Health Professions. 

    CTE CENTER - Renaissance Campus Classes:

    Medical Terminology for Health Professions - (11th grade class) an essential class for any student thinking about entering the field of Health Science and Medicine. The course covers health terminology. Students in this class learn to spell, define, pronounce and use medical terminology to communicate well with patients and coworkers. This course may be taken for concurrent credit.

    Health Professions CNA II - (12th grade capstone class) prepares students for employment as a nursing assistant. It includes 120 hours of state required clinical work (80 hours of class time and 40 hours of clinical work), and students must self-transport to off-campus clinical work sites. Each clinical site has strict regulations that requires students to show proof of specific immunizations, shots, tests and all students must pass a background check. The course instruction and clinical hours are designed to prepare students to be successful in taking the Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) Exam. Students are responsible for covering the cost of the exam. (This CNA course does not meet district graduation requirements for Health.)

    Also available - Pathway Brochures  

    For complete details, see the CTE Magnet Program section of the most current edition of the Course Description Handbook.