• Dec 9-13

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 12/9/2019

    Lang Arts- Claims quiz, and poster on claim from the Vledt and Smart House movie.  Check point 5 reading book  Tues- Parts 1-2 practice on claims, claim game  Wed.- Argument paragraph using information from poster  Practice with paragraphs before writing their own.  Thurs- Find and read article on uniforms at school.  collect evidence and decide on claim to debate on Friday  Friday- debate using evidence collected.


    FCS- whip stitich on Monday and Tuesday Blanket stitch on Wed and thurs and Cross stitich on Friday


    Art- Finish up contour drawing by Wednesday  Thurs and friday begin cut up project using scissors.  Due next week on Tuesday.

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  • Nov. 18-22

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 11/19/2019

    Lang Arts-  Vocab for the Vledt and technology agree or disagree statements.  Tues- read the Vledt after finishing vocab.  graphic organizer and summary  Wed- Foreshadowing activity and claim questions over the Vledt.  Thurs- watch the Vledt and finish page technology used in the house  Friday-watch Smart House work on viewing guide as watching


    FCS- Mon- work day  Tues and Wed work on packet over increasing and descreasing a recipe due Friday  Thurs test over cooking with notes  Friday- complete all work for the week.


    Art- Mon- thurs work on linear room drawing due by friday  Friday- video on leonardo de Vinci

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  • Nov 11- 15

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 11/14/2019

    Lang Arts- Monday - claims activity  Tues- Wed read two blogs on Technology p. 207, p. 215 and use information for Thurs- poster where you state a claim, a reason and two pieces of evidence from blogs for positive and negative  friday- quiz over terms for argument 12, and redo pronoun test with notes.


    FCS- monday cook pizza Tues - demo breakfast and Wed=thurs cook breakfast Friday - work day


    Art- mon-wed color activities  Thurs and Friday linear perspective and room drawing.

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  • November 4- 8

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 11/6/2019

    Lang Arts-  Mon. rewrite paragraph on sharks silent read Tues- Wed pronoun packet completion and learning intentions for Unit 2  Test on Friday over Pronouns  Thurs- Friday Begin argument notes and begin notes on articles for argument writing piece for January.


    FCS- Demo Monkey bread and cook Mon- Wed  Thurs- demo pizza and cook pizza friday


    Art- Mon- portfolios  Tues Name art Wed- color notes  Thurs- Share portfolio and Friday continue on notes over color and paint a color wheel.

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  • Oct. 28- Nov. 1

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 10/29/2019

    Spirit Week and Dance


    Lang Artss-  Pronouns Mon- Wed  Thurs- Library and book report information, Dystopia powerpoint  friday- entry one book report, silent read and learning intentions


    FCS- Mon. intro, syllabus and name tags  Tues- pretest  Wed- abbreviations and equivalents, holiday foods  Thurs- kitchen terms and items  friday- safety


    Art- Name tags Mon- Tues Tues- Friday Portfolios  Due next monday.

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  • Oct. 21-24

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 10/21/2019

    Lang Arts- Practice and present presentations on Informational text  Mon- Wed  Turn in summary from book project


    FCS- Mon- write monster story, Tues- test  Wed- share monster story and turn in.


    Parent/Teacher conferences  Wed-3:30- 7:30

    Thurs-9:00-11:30 3:30-7:00  drop in during a good time

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  • Oct. 14th- 18th

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 10/14/2019

    Lang Arts- Mon- Friday  Research a topic with a partner to create an informational powerpoint.  Students will work on this all week with their partner.  They will be finished for next Monday, where they will rehearse with their partner and  presents next week.  Thurs- one period students will be working on their book reports and writing a summary.

    FCS-  Students will work on their monsters all week.  These are due to be finished by next Monday.


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  • Oct. 8- 11th

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 10/8/2019

    Lang Arts-  Tues- Paraphrasing activity, Rosa Parks using racer due Wed. wed- quote sandwich  Sarah Cynthia Stout poem  Thurs- Total Health Quiz  friday- quote sandwich using Mary had a Little Lamb.


    FCS- Button sewing, Wed-Friday begin monsters

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  • Sept 30- Oct 4th

    Posted by Heather Borchert on 9/30/2019

    Lang Arts-Mon- review central idea,  do a warm up page in class, learning map and poster on Plagiarism with a partner due Wed  Tues-  slight change  we are working on a packet reviewoing RACER,  WE will do letters RA on Tuesday, CER on Wed and review with a Rosa Parks article on Thurs  Friday- quiz over central idea - Fairies



    FCS- Whip stitch Mon- Tues  Wed- thurs- blanket stitch  friday- cross stitch

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  • Sept. 23-27

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 9/23/2019

    Lang Arts- Mon- turn in info packet, start Water Woes  Tues-finish and turn in Water Woes, Test FEATURES quiz  Wed- Read Chompers and find Central Idea and details,  Thurs-Fri Plagiarism page, Web quest and activities due at end of period Friday

    FCS-Mon sewing items page  Tues- thread a needle and running stitch  Wed- running stitch  Thurs- Friday- back stitch

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