• April 1st -5th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 4/1/2019

    lang Arts- Monday and Tuesday Create mystery on powerpoint for presenting on Wed- Friday.  Wed= Friday present mystery and work on Charlotte Doyle timeline, criteria to be handed out wed.  Due on monday


    FCS- New quarter.  syllabus on monday due back by friday.  Tuesday- pretest  Wed- abbreviations and equivalents and holiday food  Thur- kitchen terms and items  friday- safety and kitchen tour.


    Art- Name tags Monday and Tuesday  Wed= Friday work on portfolios.

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  • Feb.25th- March 1st

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 2/25/2019

    Lang Arts- Outline and notes finished up for argument essay.  Tues- Wed work on typying argument essay.  Redo quiz over argument on wed.  Thurs.  Peer edit paper and  revise final.  Friday- type final copy of paper and letter.


    FCS- back stitch mon  Tues and Wed- whip stitch and practice running and back stitch  thurs- blanket stitch and cross stitch on Friday



    Mon-Tues finish up cut up project Matisse due at end of period on Tues  WEd- O'Keefe video Thurs- blind contour drawing and friday contour drawing with veges and fruits.

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  • Feb 11th- 15th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 2/14/2019

    Lang Arts- Spelling test, review learning map for argument and Fortnite practice Mon  Tues- Roots 7 quiz, review argument review Wed- read ch. 9 Charlotte Doyle and review assigned seats argument  Thurs- quiz over argument  Read ch. 10 Charlotte doyle  Friday- assign argument that students will be writing due March 4th  Read ch. 11


    FCS- Mon-Tues work days Wed- test with notes  Thurs- sewing objects page and Friday- thread a needle and knot tying.

    Art- Linear perspective drawing due on Tuesday 19th

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  • Jan 28th- Feb 1st

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 1/28/2019

    Lang Arts- Pretest Spelling, book project information passed out, quote sandwich on He had a Dream  Due Tuesday Tuesday-library time, plagarism finish quote sandwich and turn in .  plagarism learing map due Wed.  Wed- Research process, plagarism  Read ch. 2 Charlotte Doyle  Thur-Friday argument poster for cats and dogs due mon  read from charlote doyle ch. 3 - 4


    FCS- safety info and tour of kitchen  Tues- demo cook wed and thurs  demo Frid


    Art- work on portfolio monday and tuesday and then present folder in class Wed and Thursday  friday- video and info on color.

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  • Jan 22- 25th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 1/22/2019

    Lang arts-  Roots #6 (quiz will be next Tuesday) notes on cats and dogs sources 3 & 4 Wed- direct quotes, introduction to Charlotte Doyle  thurs- quote sandwich with article due on Mon  read charlotte Doyle  friday- read C D  Plagarism video and info.


    FCS- Intro to class on Tuesday.  Wed- pretest  Thurs abbreviations and equivalents  friday- cooking terms and items  papers due the next day.  Signed syllabus due by the following Tuesday


    Art- intro and name tags Tues  Wed.- friday portfolio 

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  • Jan 7th- Jan 11th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 1/8/2019

    Lang Arts- Mon study for narrative test on tuesday, begin character for Restart book project.

    Tues- Narrative test, work on character project.  Wed- primary and secondary sources sort  flip books for research  thurs- read pitbull articles and take notes, library ( fake news).  Friday fisnish chart for pitbull articles talk about good and bad sources for research.


    FCS- Work on monsters due by friday.


    Art- VanGogh video, Van Gogh project due by Thurs  Friday- video on drawing body and body movements.

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  • Dec. 3-7th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 12/4/2018

    Lang arts- Monday finish character description, Read ch. 15-16 in Restart Tues- read ch. 17-18 in Restart write a character/ setting description for intro to a story setting tone and mood.  write down definitions of literary devices in blue book Wed-quiz over an intro to a story, read ch. 19 in Restart, p. 20 in narrative booklet.  Thurs- read ch. 20 in Restart, work on pgs 11,12, 13 in booklet friday- practice


    FCS- mon and tues back stitch, wed thurs whip stitch friday and monday- blanket stitch


    Mon- Thurs contour drqwing Friday - video on Matisse.

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  • Nov 26th - 30th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 11/26/2018

    Lang Arts- Mon. spelling test qt. 2, read ch. 8-9 Restart, write sensory detailed sentences fill in POV notes for narrative Tues.- read ch. 10-11 discuss and take notes on conflict in a narrative (pg.14,15, 16) Wed. Library, read ch. 12-13 writing sample for intro to a story thurs- another writing practice, finish conflict information.  Start notes on literary devices used in stories ie. flashback

    Friday- check point 4 reading book report read ch. 14

    FCS- work day monday Tues-test over cooking, Wed- sewing items worksheet Thur and Friday threading a needle, tying a know and starting the running stitch.


    Art- mon- wed linear perspective page .  thurs- O'Keefe video, friday- drawing contour style

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  • Nov. 12-16th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 11/13/2018

    Lang Arts-  Mon.-pg 5 narrative booklet read ch. 3-5 in Restart.  go over paragraphs written with scensory detail and turn in. 

    Tues- total Health and word roots 5 review .  P6, 7 in narrative booklet

    Wed. finish up Total Health redo, lit elements quiz and roots 5 quiz, read ch. 6 in Restart if time

    Thurs- ISAT block practice assessment discussion, pg. 11, 12, 13 begin in narrative packet Read ch. 7 restart

    Friday- Pg 18 Narrative booklet, pg 10 as well writing scensory detailed sentences focus on setting.

    FCS- cook Mon Tues breakfast demo cook Wed and Thurs Friday work day in class

    Art- finish up painted color wheel and begin Kaleidoscope all due by Thurs, Begin linear perspective on Friday.

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  • Nov. 5-9th

    Posted by HEATHER BORCHERT on 11/5/2018

    Lang arts- Mon.-Cinderella skeleton with drawing, spelling pre-test, roots #5

    Tues- roots 4,monster writing, amnesia video read pages 1-3 restart

    Wed-Mystery pictures drawing and writing pg 2 in narrative booklet, and pages 4-12 in restart.

    Thurs- mystery pictures, read ch. 3-4 in restart Friday- p. 4, 5 in narrative booklet types of characters quiz over descriptive writing, monster descriptions


    FCS- demo monday, Tues and Wed cook monkey bread and work on place setting  Thurs- demo cook Friday and Monday


    art- portfolios Mon and Tues  Wed- Friday work on color notes and color wheel.

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