These are your daily bell ringers. In order to get full credit you must have the question written and an answer! I will be updating them once a week.


    Day 1:

    • Most memorable moment of summer.
    • When you finish high school what do you hope to do? College/ major
    • Who inspires you? Why
    • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
    • Share an experience that shaped you / changed you.


    Day 2:

    • What is the cell phone policy?
    • What does forensics mean?
    • What other science classes have you taken or are taking?

    Day 3:

    • What is the rule for cussing?
    • What is the rule for throwing things?
    • How do you obtain full credit on starters?
    • What sports / clubs are you involved in?


    Day 4:

    • List 3 subjects forensics covers.
    • What are 3 topics under Physics?
    • What 4 topics pertain to counterfeiting?


    Day 5:

    • Explain the "CSI Effect".


    Day 6:

    • Which units of a crime lab would analyze the following:
    • Blood
    • Bite Mark
    • Pill Bottle with Unknown content
    • Which year was the FBI established?
    • What is the largest Crime Lab?


    Day 7:

    • What is the job of the first responder?
    • Draw the 4 search patterns.
    • What are the 4 types of documentation?
    • Sweeping a flashlight at an angle of 1 inch above a surface is what?
    • What is the most important step in processing a crime scene?


    Day 8:

    • What is the job of the investigator?
    • Which search pattern is best for large areas?
    • Which search pattern is described as working a scene in an "M" pattern?


    Day 9:

    • Study For Test

    Day 10:

    • What is testimonial evidence?
    • Do you think testimonial evidence is accurate?
    • How does it differ from physical evidence?
    • Which of the two types is more reliable?

    Day 11:

    • What is class evidence?
    • What is individual evidence?
    • Categorize the following:
      • Hair
      • Blood
      • Shoe print
      • Fingerprint
      • Fibers


    Day 12:

     From the eyewitness accounts do your best to recall two of the crimes and give as much detail as possible on the sequence of events, description etc.

    Day 13:

    • What are some of the problems with eyewitness accounts?


    Day 14:

    • What are some problems with trying to be a human lie detector?


    Day 15:

    Study for TEST


    Day 16:

    • What is the difference between a medical examiner and a coroner?
    • What is an autopsy?
    • When are autopsies performed?


    Day 17:

    • What is ambient temperature?
    • What is the Glaister Equation?
    • What are the 3 types of mortis?


    Day 18:

    • Convert normal body temperature to Celsius.
    • What is the rate of cooling for the body?
    • At what temperature would a person have been dead at least 12 hours?


    Day 19:

    • Calculate the average rate of temperature loss.
    • Which produce from the lab increased in temperature?
    • What is the room temperature in oF? Room temp is 24oC.

    Day 20:


    Day 21:

    • How many bones do adults have?
    • How many bones does an infant have?
    • What is the largest bone?
    • What is the smallest bones?

    Day 22:

    • What are the 3 types of ribs?
    • List the 5 classifications of bones
    • Using the humerus equation for your gender calculate how long your humerus would be.

    Day 23:

    • Study for Quiz
    • African Male; Femur=43cm
    • Cucacian, sex unknown; Tibia= 34cm
    • African female, 5'10"; Ulna=?
    • Unknown ethnicity, unknown sex, 5'1"; Femur=?

    Day 24:

    • What is Dia De Los Muertos?
    • When is it celebrated and where?

    Day 25:

    • Study for Test

    Day 26:

    • Is hair individual or class evidence?
    • What can hair be tested for?
    • How much does hair grown in a year?

    Day 27:

    • Draw and Label a cross-section of hair
    • Which layer gives hair its color?
    • What is the gland that secretes oil?

    Day 28:

    • Which ethnic background is most likely to have a continuous medulla?
    • What is the characteristic shape of the medulla in ...Cats, Humans, Deer

    Day 29:

    • Why would the Department of Fish and Game need a forensics team?
    • How could they use hair evidence?

    Day 29:

    • Happy Thanksgiving

    Day 31:

    • Study For Test

    Day 32:

    • What does exhonerated mean?
    • What does expunged mean?
    • What does it mean to commute a sentence?

    Day 33:

    • Reflect on if you were in the position of a wrongfully convicted person. How do you get past the anger? What would you value the most? FULL PAGE 

    Day 34:

    • What was your states compensation law?
    • What were the contributing factors for your individual?

    Day 35:

    • Presentations

    Day 36:

    • Presentations

    Day 37:

    • Presentations

    Day 38:

    • What are the 3 types of fingerprints?
    • Look at your fingerprints and determine number of each type you have.

    Day 39:

    • Draw the three types of fingerprints.
    • Which of those 3 is most common?
    • Which of those 3 is least common?

    Day 40:

    • Can fingerprints be altered or removed?
    • What are the 3 ways fingerprints are left behind? Explain
      • L
      • P
      • P