• Desert Sage Elementary Home-School Compact 2020-2021


    Parent Responsibilities:

    • Send my child to school each day on time

    • Support learning opportunities at home by providing a quiet place for my child to study and checking that daily reading and homework is done

    • Stay informed of my child’s progress and needs by attending Parent/Teacher conferences, school events, and using any other forms of communication

    • Celebrate my child’s successes and offer praise and encouragement


    Student Responsibilities:

    • Come to school every day on time and prepared to work

    • Give your best effort by using the Desert Sage Learner Powers

    • Do my daily homework assignments and read 20 minutes a day (at least 5 times per week)

    • Let my teachers know when I need help

    • Give my parents all information sent home from school

    • Follow school rules and be responsible for my behavior

    • Go to bed at a good hour and eat nutritious meals in order to have energy for the next day


    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Provide high quality curriculum and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners

    • Offer a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages positive peer interactions

    • Encourage a partnership with parents by offering a variety of ways to communicate, participate and volunteer

    • Offer tools with instructions to help support learning at home

    • Help students set goals, chart progress, and celebrate success

    • Communicate with parents regarding student behavior and discipline

    • Share evidence of students’ learning, including state test results, with parents


    Principal Responsibilities:

    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between teacher, parent, and student

    • Encourage teachers to provide and support parents with strategies for improving student learning at home

    • Ensure a safe and supportive learning environment so staff, parents, and students can fulfill their responsibilities