Extended School Year (ESY)

  • Picture of little girl According to the Idaho Special Education Manual (2015):

    The term “extended school year services” (ESY) means special education and/or related services that are provided beyond the regular school year:

    1) to a student with a disability;

    2) in accordance with the student’s IEP; and

    3) at no cost to the parent/adult student.

    The goal of ESY services is to assist students with disabilities with the emergence and maintenance of specific IEP goals addressed during the school year preceding the ESY. These may include goals related to independence, behavior, socialization, communication, and academics. The ESY services for special education students provide a different focus from general summer school program” (p. 93).  

    Dates, location and times for ESY are individual and determined by the student's IEP team.

Eligibility for ESY

  • One of the three following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for ESY.  Decisions regarding eligibility for ESY is determined from data collection and written documentation.   

    1) Emerging skill: Few, if any, gains are made during the regular school year. A skill is in the process of emerging, and the IEP team believes that with ESY services the student would make reasonable gains; or

    2) Regression-Recoupment: The student would regress to such an extent and the amount of time required to relearn a skill or behavior becomes so significant that the student would be unable to benefit from his or her special education; or

    3) Self-Sufficiency: An interruption in services would threaten the acquisition of critical life skills that aid in the student’s ability to function as independently as possible, thereby continuing the student’s reliance on caretakers, including institutionalized care. Critical life skills relate to those skills that lead to independent functioning. Development of these skills can lead to reduced dependency on future caretakers and enhance the student’s integration with individuals without disabilities. Skills may include such things as toileting, feeding, mobility, communication, dressing, self-help, and social/emotional functioning (p. 93-94).  

ESY for Summer 2020


    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ESY services will be delivered remotely for Summer 2020.  This decision was made to protect the health and safety of our students and staff, with special consideration given to the high incidence of underlying health conditions and other risk factors in many of our students who receive ESY services.


    More information about ESY for Summer 2020 will be communicated to you by your child’s case manager as soon as it is available.


    Karel Olsen - Administrator (208.350.5128)