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  • This pathway was opened School Year 2011-12 as a joint venture with Idaho State University (ISU) - Meridian Health Science campus and the West Ada School District.  Given that both entities were housed in the same building it presented a unique opportunity for both parties to benefit.  (Watch this historical video that captures the beginning of the partnership: Pharmacy Program Partnership with ISU-Meridian ) Since the opening of the pathway, the district was renamed to West Ada School District, a new superintendent selected, new instructors hired, local business partnerships to place students in externships have increased, the Medical Terminology class is now required, the technical center formerly known as Ada Professional Technical Center is currently the CTE Center - Renaissance Campus.  Years later after many changes, the partnership remains strong and continues to enhance the quality of the Pharmacy Technician curriculum (and other CTE Health Services pathways) by providing high school students unprecedented access to a state-of-art compounding lab along with instruction by an ISU adjunct Pharmacy professor, and access to a virtual anatomy and physiology lab as well as, gross anatomy lab experiences.

    Meet the CTE Center Instructors:
    Arial Wood - Pharmacy Technician
    Scott Marema - Medical Terminology

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Pharmacy Technician Pathway

  • The West Ada Career Technical Education (CTE) Pharmacy Technician Pathway allows high school students to receive training to begin a career as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. The course utilizes a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board-recognized on-line Pass Assured Pharmacy Technician Training program which prepares students to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s national PTCB Exam. In addition, students can earn the opportunity to engage in local pharmacy business externships, where they practice and apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting under the direction and supervision of local business partnerships. Another quality component comes through a special arrangement between the West Ada School District and Idaho State University's (ISU) Meridian Health Service Center's college which allows students to learn and practice lab skills in ISU's state-of-art compounding pharmacy lab facility where students receive direct hands-on instruction from college pharmacy faculty members. The joint venture is a perfect fit that directly enhances the quality of the Pharmacy Technician class.  

    Pathway Classes: 

    • Health Professions I/Sports Medicine I - (10th grade class) taught at each zoned-home high school

    • Medical Terminology - (11th grade class) taught at CTE Center - Renaissance Campus. This course may be taken for concurrent credit.

    • Highly recommended: Successful completion of Chemistry (Chemistry coursework covers relevant knowledge needed to be successful in the Pharmacy Technician capstone class.
    • Math II or higher  (An understanding and proficiency in math skills is critical to being trained to become a pharmacy technician.)

    • Pharmacy Technician - (12th grade capstone class) taught at CTE Center - Renaissance Campus. The coursework covers the skills and knowledge and provides applied experiences so that students may become a competent Certified Pharmacy Technician. Once 18 years of age, qualifying students are eligible to obtain the required fingerprinting and background checks and sit for the PTCB National Exam.) Students must self-transport to local pharmacy externships. 

    Also available - Pathway Brochures 

    For complete details, see the CTE Magnet Program section of the most current edition of the Course Description Handbook.