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Small Gasoline Engines

  • Do you like to figure out what's wrong with something, then fix it? If you think it would be fun to diagnose, repair, reassemble, adjust and overhaul outdoor power equipment such as dirt bikes, go carts, outboard motors, and lawn mower engines then you might be well suited as a Small Engine Repair Mechanic. Small gasoline engines power more machines now than ever before. From individuals doing landscape projects and all of the businesses who use these industry tools, to the average person who owns at least one for outdoor recreation use, small gasoline engines power more machines than ever before, and they all need serviced, maintained and fixed from time to time.

    The term 'small engines' can be somewhat misunderstood since the size of an engine is relative however, in this program, when the term is used, we are referring to gas-powered engines that produce less than 25 horsepower (hp) and the term 'outdoor power equipment' refers to the type of equipment that are powered by small gasoline engines. Many different companies manufacture power equipment however, most small-engines are made by only a few companies and the best-known are Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Honda, and Kohler. Many outdoor power equipment technicians have the advantage of deciding who they want to work for and many decide to open their own shop. In contrast to for example, opening an Auto Repair Business, the start-up costs are much less because the cost of tools and equipment are low and the need for tools is essentially a standard set. Even the specialized tools are relatively inexpensive and the amount of space needed is comparatively small as well.

    What this program can do, with some determination and dedication on the students part, is to start students out as someone who can change out parts and over the length of the program, begin to transform them into a skilled troubleshooter as they learn how equipment operates, practice how to do repairs, and most importantly, diagnose problems.  One of the best ways to demonstrate to a potential employer that you are skilled, is to complete a certified program. In this program, students who master the skills and coursework knowledge, are able to earn an Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC)/2-4 Stroke Engine as well as a STIHL Bronze Level Training Certification. 


    Introduction to Small Gasoline Engines (one semester, taught at most home high schools and the tech center)

    Advanced Small Gasoline Engines 1 (year-long class, taught at the tech center)

    Advanced Small Gasoline Engines II (year-long class, taught at the tech center)

    For complete details, see the current Course Description Handbook

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