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Computer Science

  • Centennial High School (CHS) was chosen as the magnet site for the most recent Career and Technical Education (CTE) program to be launched in the district. Beginning in 2014, students were able to travel to this campus in order to take three years of the upper level Computer Science classes. Technologically advanced computer classrooms were designed and aligned to specific criteria in order to implement computer science curriculum that meets industry standards.  Students can focus on one or both of these Pathway areas:

        --Computer Programming
        --Web Design

    The program plan is to offer four years of sequenced coursework in each Pathway.  9th grade prerequisite classes are taught at each home high school. The initial Computer Programming class is Exploring Computer Science and/or freshman students may also take Web Design 1 to begin the Web Design Pathway. Both of these courses are broad-based computer classes, which focus on computer science fundamentals and awareness of an array of career options.

    The goal of this new program is to teach students skills and knowledge aligned to what is needed in this vibrant in-demand career field. Simultaneously, students build skill-sets through hands on application along with their confidence so they are better prepared to transition to a college program and handle the rigors of such a postsecondary program. The ultimate benefit being that more students are able to open the employment doors to this robust career field and its many career possibilities.

    Calling Female Students-Computer Science Careers Need You!

    Only 25% of professional computing occupations in the 2015 workforce are held by women and only 17% earned Computer Science and Information Sciences undergraduate degrees. Yet, 56% of Advanced Placement test-takers and 47% of Calculus test takers were women.  Computer Science is one of the fast growing fields in the word and in Idaho.  Currently, Idaho has 670 computer science jobs unfilled! 

    • Computer Science Needs Team Players! 
      When we visualize Computer Science careers there is a tendency to think of people in those careers as stuck in a cubicle working solely on a computer yet, many jobs require workers to collaborate on problem-solving teams and interact with customers.  Women in these jobs do well if they are good communicators, team players and care about how the technology will benefit society, the company and/or the end customers. Computer Science jobs are varied, and there are many opportunities to find employment where you can use both your technical as well as your people skills.  
    • Computer Science Needs Creativity and People Who Want to Make A Difference!   
      Creativity is the corner-stone of technological advances. Computer technology careers need creative people who can see beyond formulas, who can brainstorm, visualize and identify outside-of-the-box solutions. Creativity is the special sauce employers are looking for.  Creative workers equate to creative solutions and break through successes!  Women often bring a different viewpoint and approaches in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Ladies, explore your Computer Science career options and head into a future full of creativity ways that YOU can make a difference. 

    • Computer Science Careers offer Flexibility!
      Would you like to find a career where the work is challenging yet flexible?  Do you already know that you want to be a parent are looking for options that will allow you to balance career and home life?  Exploring Computer Science employment opportunities may be worth your while. The work is respected, pays well, is challenging, and there are jobs in ever industry and many companies that offer flexible work hours and great family benefits.  

    Opportunities for High School Girls:

    Apply for an Aspiration Award, earn a scholarship, find computing internships, connect with a large network of other technical young women.  http://www.aspirations.org/participate  sponsored by National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

    Idaho STEM ACTION Center: http://stem.idaho.gov  funding is available for scholarships, camps, competitions and more!  Created in 2015 and housed in the Office of the Governor, the Center is dedicated to providign a STEM competitive workforce by implementing Idaho's Kindergarten through Career STEM education programs.