Diesel Technology

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics repair and maintain equipment used in industrial work such as Construction and Logging industries. A mechanics main job is to make sure equipment operates smoothly and safely. They diagnose problems using handheld computers, inspect for defects and use hoists to lift large heavy machine parts. They repair or replace damaged and worn parts. Once reassembled, mechanics test for performance and safety.  Large shops offer mechanics complex repairs such as engine rebuilds, electrical system trouble shooting, and hydraulic pump repairs.  Many mechanics specialize. Some examples of areas of focus are transmission, brake systems, and engine repair.  Job demands follow the economic cycle, as construction work expands so does demands for diesel mechanics.  This is considered a 'large sized' occupation in Idaho.

    Magnet Program Opening School Year 2018-19

    Classes are


    Diesel Technology 1- a 10th grade, 1 credit semester class (Students are able to also take another CTE class when taking an off-campus class at the CTE center.) This course is designed to introduce students to basic heavy equipment/diesel applications. It includes training in applied communications, employability skills and safe and efficient work practices.
    Diesel Technology 2 - a year-long, double blocked class worth 4 credits  (If you have taken and successfully passed, Auto Tech 1, you will be eligible to take this class during the 2018-19 school year.)
    The level 2 class expands the learning to include diesel-specific diagnostics, service, hydraulic repair, electrical system, preventative maintenance and brakes.
    Diesel Technology 3 - a year-long, double blocked class worth 4 credits
    Students in the third level, go in-depth in problem solving, critical thinking, industry standards and teamwork as they expand their understanding and applied technical skills in diesel engines. 

    For complete details, see the current Course Description Handbook

    Also available - Program Brochures (A Diesel Technology brochure is being developed to coincide with the opening of the program in School Year 2018-19.)