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    Hello Digital Photo Friends:

    Hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy at home.  In class we were working on taking and editing photos using Photoshop, which now may be difficult for some of you if you cannot get Photoshop at home.  Remember you do have access to your adobe accounts using your user name and password we created in class (you school email is your username and at this point only you know your password).  If you have forgotten your password remember it was 8 letters, a capital, a number, and a symbol that didn't use your name.  If you still cannot remember try doing the forgot password and create a new one.  Not all of you will still be able to connect to adobe online suite.  Your computer may not hold the program so we will not be focusing on editing using Photoshop, but if you have the program I will put that in there for you to see and try.  Over the next few weeks we can find and try different editing programs that may be free or more accessible.

    Starting on April 13th we will have a few weeks of time to re-do, re-visit, and re-submit any work done prior to school closing on March 13th.  If you would like to raise your grade, here is your chance.  Look at power school and teams for your class/day and see what you haven't turned in yet.  You should have all that you need either in teams or on your onedrive to work with.  If you needed to take more photos you can still do that for the scavenger hunt and the design projects to turn in.  Place your best 3 images on the power points and turn them in through teams.  I still want to see original images and edits separate so don't just take a photo with a filter and turn that in.  I want to see what you changed in the image to make it better.

    Keep in mind the goal is to have a well composed image to start with so having many of the elements and principles of design in your photo is key.  If you need a reminder of what these are or how to do that go to teams under files and look at the elements and principles of design PowerPoint.  Be aware of your camera angle, and the backgrounds too.  This is a great time to also think about what we are going through and how you can show that in your images.  Documenting a moment in time is what photography is all about!!  

    Keep checking back to this page for updates on what you can be working on, tips, new programs and new projects.

    -Mrs. Wells

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