• Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts, where we love to read and write. What is Language Arts? It's a combination of reading and English. 
    In Language Arts class,  students will be learning reading strategies, which will help your child become a better reader. Some examples include: reading short stories, articles, essays, poems, and many novels. We will also be studying and practicing the writing process through various different types of text structures, as well as completing projects. Analyzing and evaluating text through response and discussion will set the standard for higher level learning. By combining the two classes, we hope to engage, challenge, and develop a culture of "thinkers" here at HMS.
    Class Expectations:
    Be respectful (to ourselves, others, all around us)
    Be prepared, ready to learn
    Be accountable for your actions
    Bring Your Own Book!
    Students are required to have a reading book during every class. They may bring one from home or check one out from the library. 
    They will be expected to have a silent reading book in each of there core classes beginning the second week of class.  We recommend that the student be prepared with a second book if they are getting close to finishing up the one they are reading. Students will be reading when classwork is finished, upon finishing assessments, and during scheduled silent reading times in Language Arts and Advisory classes.
    Materials Needed for Language Arts Class:
    Composition book
    Black/blue pens
    Colored pencils
    Handheld pencil sharpener for colored pencils
    White out
    Pink, yellow and green highlighter
    Lined notebook paper 
    A syllabus will be coming home the first few days of school to be read through and signed. Please keep the the main portion of the document and send back the signed portion with your student.