External Research- University or organization

  • Applying to perform research:

    In order for our district to make a decision regarding approval of your research we need to collect the following documents and information:
    1.  A cover letter or summary explaining the purpose of your research, what you hope to determine, the time and resource commitment needed, and how this research will inform or benefit the West Ada School District.
    2.  Documentation highlighting your research topic and methodology including:
    a.  What you are planning on doing and what do you expect to happen (your hypothesis)?
    b.  Who will be involved in this study and the estimated number of participants (schools/teachers/students/other staff)?
    c.  What metrics and instruments you will use (survey, assessment type, observation protocol)?
    d.  Time commitment and duration of study
    e.  Will you need existing data to accomplish your study? If so, what data?
    f.  How will you ensure the safety and security of any data that you collect?
     3.  Institutional review board (IRB)/ethical review board (ERB)/research ethics board (REB) documentation.
    Please email all necessary documentation to Asst. Superintendent Don Nesbitt at nesbitt.don@westada.org
    Additional information may be requested as needed.