• Hey there LCMS Music students!  I have posted two new videos (Thank you Mrs. Pope!).

    These are C major and D major scale workouts. They are played on the violin, but anyone can play or sing along to the videos and work on your technique.  The videos have backing tracks, one has a techno backing track.  Explore! You can add another scale as harmony to the existing video. What scales work well with those keys? Practice the techniques on all the other scales you know.

    Send me a video to my email of you playing along to the video as is or if you created a harmony to the video! I want to see some LCMS Musicians being creative!

    Be Safe Be Happy

    Mr. Thomsen

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  • Hello all,

    I miss all of my students, classes and grade levels!  This is not the normal. I hope that everyone is staying safe and are healthy and somewhat productive. 


    The WASD and LCMS are rolling out Phase 2 of our Remote Learning this coming week (5/04/2020). So, stay tuned for that information and how to obtain and use the Remote Learning Packets & Digital Information.

    I have an Enrichment Page on my website. This includes optional/enrichment activities for all my classes and grade levels.

    Tips, if you can, keep practicing your instrument or voice technique and songs. Reinforce what we were learning just before the shut down. Then, explore music: learn a new song: printed or by ear, try different scales, try a different genre of music, sight read, and if you have the materials books, looks ahead and explore new music and techniques.

    Thank you everyone, for being patient and supportive. Take Care and Be Safe, so we can all go back to normal soon.

    Mr. Thomsen

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