GTT Pre-Engineering Technology

  • The first question students ask when they enter Pre-Engineering Technology is "What is this class?"  This class introduces students to 3D CAD software to help them create, design, and print 3D models.  We follow the design process in this class, including identifying problems, developing solutions, designing a prototype, troubleshooting design flaws, and then communicating our final project.  

    This is an extremely fast-paced, hands-on class that requires student participation for students to get the most out of it. Because of the nature of the class, an absence is difficult to recover from and may result in students not fully appreciating it. 

    7th grade students in this class will develop simple models and designs using SketchUp, learning how to troubleshoot and improve their design.  Projects will include 6-sided dice, 4- or 8-sided dice, as well as creating a puzzle cube. The final culmination of the class will be a personal design incorporating features of everything they have learned.

    8th grade students will take previously learned skills and couple them with research about aerodynamics and forces.  Students will apply their learning to create a CO₂ car, taking it though successive prototypes to determine its drag, aerodynamics, and potential speed.  The class will conclude with launching their CO₂ cars and reflection upon the design process.

Problem Solving