Guided Research

  • Students will participate in a mock cultural exchange, doing research, writing “letters home” and creating other products to share their experiences in the new culture. 

Story Telling/Folktales

  • Students will become familiar with traditional stories from around the world. Storytelling techniques will be studied, practiced and presented in a culminating classroom storytelling festival.

Create a Country

  • students develop the ability to think creatively using the process of fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. Includes thinking strategies that may include creative problem solving, brainstorming, synthesizing and SCAMPER.

Art and Poetry

  • Students will be exposed to different poetry styles and compose their own poems using the conventions of poetry. To illustrate their poems, students will study basic elements of design, color, balance and drawing techniques. 

Chemical Tests

  • By conducting a series of physical and chemical tests, students will explore solubility, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, and acids and bases.  They will also develop skills in observing, recording, questioning, analyzing and drawing conclusions.