This class is an introduction to Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Students will explore these programs learning to use the various tools to create professional-looking products that can be used in many areas of life.  Design, in the broadest sense, is a way of thinking and solving problems.  Design is a combination of creative thinking and being able to make sound judgments.  It is also a visual awareness – knowing what looks good and what will attract people’s attention.  Teaching students about the concepts and processes of design is teaching them how to think and how to approach problems in such a way that they can come up with the most creative and most appropriate solutions.


                Students will be given the opportunity to study, discover, experiment and design using various programs.  Through knowledge of these programs, students will gain further interest and experience in using computers to design publications and presentations.


    • Students will understand the tools and techniques in the Publisher, Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs.
    • Students will use them as a tool to design useful publications.
    • Students will demonstrate knowledge of computer usage through the completion of a variety of assignments.
    • Students will know how to open, save, retrieve files, create charts, and design PowerPoint products on the computer.
    • Students will use the computer to become more creative, productive thinkers.
    • Students will follow written and oral directions.
    • Students will learn how to utilize Publisher and Word templates.
    • Students will take risks with new ideas and expand their capabilities.


    This unit is designed for accelerate students.  It will move at a fast pace, high level, and result in multiple products.  Students will be expected to work at an independent level guided by the facilitator as needed.


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