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    3rd Grade Independent Project:  “LANDMARKS”

     This research project will actively involve each student in their own learning, empowering them to access information and help them to become independent, responsible, confident researchers.  Students will use the IIM, Independent Investigation Method, for this unit.  Through this model, the students will gather, analyze and share information.

     All Students will learn that:

    §  Research is a sequential process

    §  Research is used to answer questions

    §  There are many sources for information

    §  Sources are cited using a standard format for their bibliography

    §  Information from sources is put in student’s own words

    §  Information must be organized for use in a product

    §  Students will share what they have learned with an appropriate audience


              Students will gather information on a famous man-made landmark by researching the following 5 categories:  Location, History, Characteristics, Tourism, Significance and other.     

    Application: (Products/Projects)

                To apply the knowledge gained, students will complete the following

    research and products:  100 + notefacts,12 vocabulary words added to glossary, accurate depiction of landmark, map to scale, travel brochure, Stick Figure Tour, and, if time, product-of-choice.


               Students will complete a presentation outline, based on research, stating purpose and importance of landmark.  They will also include main points and opening and closing statements.


               Students will complete a presentation as part of a learning celebration at the end of this unit.  An outline based on research, including accurate facts from the five categories, will guide their presentation. 

    Evaluation:    The student will –

    ·         Reflect on the quality of their work.

    ·         Be evaluated throughout the unit based on their participation and interaction with the group and the facilitator

    ·         Demonstrate initiative and perseverance in task accomplishment.

    ·         Complete class research goal of 100 + notefacts, 5+ references and 12 glossary words.

    ·         Complete required products to the best of their ability and according to expectations

    ·         Communicate activities through class discussion and presentation of work


                During the next 11 weeks, your child will complete a very exciting project, including a variety of activities in and outside of class.  We will ask students to do research and notefacts at home as homework.  Please look for the homework folder each week and help your child set aside time to work on assigned research at home.    

     Here are a number of ways you might assist your child:

    1)      Help your child locate resources containing information about the topic.

    2)      Meet weekly goals

    3)      Read and discuss with your child information about the topic.

    4)     Discuss ideas for research and presentation.


    Presentations are always outstanding! 


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