Artistic Geometry

    “The greatest artists are those who impose their peculiar illusion on the rest of mankind.”

     Background –

         Students will use a ruler and a compass to create mathematically designs.  Inherent in this unit is geometric vocabulary, correct use of the compass and straightedge, and basic constructions that bridge the world of math with the world of art.  This approach to geometry will appeal to the auditory-sequential learner as well as the visual-spatial learner as it encourages students to think in pictures and words.  Students will use imagination and creativity as they explore the following mathematical concepts: 

    §  Students will correctly use a ruler to measure and draw straight lines

    §  Students will correctly use a compass to draw angles and curves

    §  Students will combine a straightedge and compass to create geometric designs.

    §  Students will use their knowledge and creativity to combine geometry and art

    §  Students will use the tools, straight-edge, protractor and compass, to make patterns and designs

    §  Students will understand geometric terms: vertex, tessellate, angle, point, intersection, leg, circumference, radius, exterior, interior, stylus, chord, symmetry, reflective symmetry equilateral, hexagon, triangle

    §  Students will understand and use symmetry in their designs.


    Student understanding will be checked by:

    ·         Successful production of the product

    ·         Enthusiasm and interest

    ·         Understanding of concept

  • Protractor Chart Picture   
    Mathematical Art