• iMovie Projects
    2014-2015 Imovie Book Studies Students are broken into groups to do book studies. They have a sheet that guides them through the various aspects of their book study. iMovie Book Studies
    2014-2015 Book Movie Trailers- After students finished their Book studies they were able to make Movie Trailers. 
    2014-2015  Tech and Learning Videos - Students made informational videos on how technology impacts their learning.  
    2014-2015 Science Ecosystem Terrarium iMovies .  As we utilized the scientific method to study ecosystems and terrariums students created an iMovie to document the changes.  They utilized this document as a guide.  Ecosystem Terrarium iMovie
    2014-2015 Greek and Latin Root Videos- Students have been creating informational posters to learn/teach Greek and Latin root words. Here are the videos to provide an additional way to learn them.
    2014-2015 Figurative Language- Student Groups produced summaries and examples of different types of figurative language. 
    Apple Keynotes 
    Apple Keynote was used.  The students presented to each other to learn about Culture, Native American Culture, and how their lives compared and contrasted.  
    2014-2015 Gold Rush Keynotes- Students broke into groups and created keynotes on various topics of the Gold Rush. They then presented them to their peers.  They have been combined into one pdf so the transition effects have been lost. 
    Microsoft Publisher 
    Microsoft Publisher was used to make these brochures.  If printed with the 2 sided option they will fold into the brochure.  This is the Rubric that was used to complete the project. Animal Brochure Project Rubric 
    Microsoft Powerpoint 
    2015-2015 Solar System Powerpoints- Currently students are creating powerpoints to study our solar system curriculum.  Here is the rubric that they utilized.  Space Powerpoint Rubric