Internal Research Page

  •  Applying to perform in-district research (Action Research/Masters/Doctoral):

    In order to protect yourself and your students when participating in certain types of research projects we will need the following documents and information:
    1.  Please send a Microsoft Word or .PDF document to Asst. Superintendent, Don Nesbitt at and include the following information:
    a.  The purpose of your research (degree requirements, action research, professional interest)
    b.  Types of data that you will be collecting, method of collection, and from who you will be collecting it (teachers, parents, students)
    c.  If there is any existing data that you will be needing from the district level
    d. Copies of any parent permission or information forms you will be using 
    e. Copies of any surveys you will be using with students or teachers
    f. School building principal approval letter
    2.  Please consider and state how you will ensure the safety and security of any data that you collect.
    3.  If it is determined that your research project will need school board approval (if it involves direct student data), you will be contacted for additional information needed.
    4Following approval, you will receive documentation stating that all guidelines have been met and you may commence your project.