• February Students of the Month

    6th Grade: Emily Von Drakk

    Emily Von Drakk is our 6th grade student of the month. Emily is an all-around amazing person! She gets actively involved in class discussions and is a friend to everyone. Emily goes out of her way to make sure others are having a good day. She is such a kind and motivational 6th grader.
    We are so proud to have you as part of our Heritage family. Em!
    6th Grade: Cade Powell
    Cade Powell is my choice for 6th grade student of the month.  Every single day Cade is prepared and engaged, whether at home or in class.  Each time that we choose a new seating arrangement, he always is front and center, ready for whatever the lesson will bring.  He cares about his schoolwork and his grades and always pushes himself to be the best student possible.  Even though he is naturally quiet, he willingly participates and regularly encourages other students in the class.  Cade Powell is just a great kid and it is my privilege to nominate him for student of the month. 
    7th Grade: Allison Stovall
     Congratulations to Allison Stovall, February's student of the month. Allison crushes it academically, working well beyond proficiency into the range of mastery learning. She doesn't let obstacles get in her way and finds solutions when faced with challenges. She excels at managing priorities and completing tasks on time or early. Allison is a great community member here at HMS. We are fortunate to have her as a student. Congratulations again to Allison for this much-deserved honor.         
    7th Grade: Jack Popadics
    Jack is such a kind-hearted student and individual. He consistently shows kindness to others while demonstrating a positive attitude for his teachers and peers. Without fail, every day Jack says: ‘thank you’ and tells us to have a good day. He contributes to lessons in a positive and meaningful way – Jack always has incredible questions that help all of us learn more about a topic. We are proud to nominate Jack Popadics as Heritage Middle School’s
    7th grade student of the month. Congratulations, keep up the good work!
    8th Grade: Eryn Ellsworth
    Eryn is a wonderful example of everything a Husky should be! Eryn is always willing to help her peers and her positive attitude is contagious! She is kind to those around her and is a constant source of energy and joy! She asks good questions, works diligently to master new concepts, and pushes those around her to achieve their best too.
    8th Grade: Mathias Prado
    Mathias is a hardworking and responsible young adult.  He is always prepared for class and ready to give his all.  Mathias is continually trying to improve.  He is not satisfied with the minimum; he wants to challenge himself and do the best he is capable of doing.  He personifies the growth mindset. Mathias does the right thing, even when others aren't looking and doesn't think twice about it.  I never have to worry about him being off task.  Mathias has a way of silently motivating others around him to do their best. His kindness and dedication to learning are very much noticed and appreciated.  Thanks Mathias and congratulations on being the student of the month.