• Early Intervention Developmental Screenings 


    The Early Intervention Program serves children three through five years of age with “significant” developmental delays (i.e. functioning 30% below their age).  Since services are funded through Special Education we operate under specific eligibility criteria.  The program is intended to provide services early to children with delays, in order to encourage maximum development.  It is not a general readiness program for children who are only minimally delayed or generally immature.  If your child falls into this second group we encourage you to seek our community readiness programs or to work at home with your child to prepare them for school.

    If you are concerned that your child does show a significant delay, we encourage you to have your child participate in the West Ada School District’s Early Childhood Screening. The purpose of the screening process is to identify children who may need a further evaluation of their developmental skills. The comprehensive screening may consist of seven developmental areas: Language and Speech, Concepts, Motor, Hearing, Vision, Self-Help and Social.

    A parent or legal guardian must remain in the building while your child is being screened. Please be prepared to remain in the building for the entire screening session, which takes approximately one and one half hours (1 ½ hours).  Evaluating your child without the presence of the parent enables the team to assess the child’s true developmental abilities. The results of the screening will be reviewed with the parent(s)following the screening event.

    If you yourself or someone you know is concerned about their child’s development, please refer them to your classroom teacher or have them call Special Services at the West Ada School District Office: 350-5122. Further details, contact information and paperwork can be found by clicking the link below.