OPEN HOUSE with Mrs. Kraft - 1st Grade Rm. #8



    Dear Parent (s),

    Welcome to Mrs. Kraft’s 1st Grade!!  I am so pleased that your child is in my class.  I will help you learn about our school and classroom, and ways you can support your child at home.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning! 

    During the first three weeks of school we have shared a number of get-acquainted activities.  We have also been working on learning classroom and school rules and procedures.  We have been reviewing the alphabet and basic math skills, and writing sentences.  My goal for the year is to create a positive environment where kids are enthusiastic about learning.  Have you ever heard of the “triangle of success”?  It is the parent, the teacher and the student, working together for success.  I want every child to feel validated, valued and eager to move to a new level of learning.  I will work hard to address and accommodate the wide range of skills and maturities in my classroom.  I am looking forward to working with you as a team so that your child will have a successful school year and be well prepared for second grade and beyond. 

    I have tried to include information that I thought would answer many of your questions, but please feel free to ask additional questions while you are here this evening.


    Personal Information:  This is my 19th year of teaching in this school district.  I received my BA in Education from Boise State University.  I also have an Early Childhood endorsement and I continuously take workshops and continuing education classes.  I am always looking for new ideas to motivate children, teach key skills, and meet diverse needs.  I enjoy my job and I work hard at really getting to know each of my students and at developing a good relationship with each of them.  I structure my classroom in a manner that puts students first!  I know it is imperative to see my students as individuals and to utilize my lessons and activities to accommodate each child the best that I can. 


    Curriculum:  Our year is divided into 3 trimesters.  Our first conference time is scheduled for Oct. 8-10, which is before the completion of Trimester 1.  West Ada School District has a Standards-Based Report Card.  This is the year report cards are going digital (please see your hand-outs from the district for information and directions).  First grade has an exciting curriculum that I know your child will enjoy.  I will quickly discuss some benchmarks and tell you what to expect for the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) assessment for the fall, winter and spring (goal of 54+ words a minutes by May).  First graders will no longer be doing MAP testing (Measurements of Academic Performance).  The grade level expectations are on the district website for the content areas (www.westada.org).  You can also find information on our district’s standards-based report cards.  You can also go to the state of Idaho’s website under the Department of Education.

     Common Core State Standards build!


    Homework:  I believe that homework is important in helping students to develop responsibility and good study habits.  Homework packet/activities will come home on Fridays and are due back by the following Friday.  1st Graders should be spending 10 minutes a day on homework, and reading time is not included in that time.  

    *Spelling Words- In mid-September, I will be sending weekly spelling lists home on Mondays.  Tests will be on Fridays, unless it is a short week. Please help your child use this list as a Word Study and therefore not memorizing only those words.

    *I have what I refer to as our “Book Club,” where an early/emergent reading book (or one leveled to your child’s reading skills) can come home with your child daily. The best way to work on fluency is to read books with your child daily.  We will start Book Club this week!  The books are great for reviewing sight and high frequency words, as well as containing words to which your child can apply their decoding skills.  We set a goal to get to 100 books!  For every 10 books, your child gets to pick from the treasure chest.  I welcome contributions to this treasure box. 

    *Reading Calendars- Having your child read or reading to your child is expected at least 10 minutes, 5 days a week (which is a total of 200 monthly minutes).  Reading calendars will come home the beginning of each month and are due at the end of the month. We will start in October. 

    *I will also provide you with lists of sight and high frequency words ( FRY’S LIST) that your child will need to practice daily. 

    *We will also have special projects that will come up periodically.  Students really enjoy homework and it helps them grow academically and builds responsibility! 

    *On-Line Supplemental Homework – MyOn, Xtra Math, and Dreambox.  We will also be doing Readlive and Starrmatica in the classroom.


    Folders and Newsletters:   Your child was given an Eagle Hills folder and it needs to be returned to school on a daily basis.  Please check it daily.  On Fridays, I will be sending a bi-weekly classroom newsletter home (along with the school’s Mustang Minutes if you requested a hard copy).  The week’s work will also be sent home in your child’s folder.  Please review and remove your child’s work, and send back completed homework on or before the due date.  You are welcome to sign the folder to verify that you have viewed your child’s work.


    Absences & Tardies:  Class attendance is very important to your child.  Additionally, being on time is very important in setting the tone for your child’s day.  If your child is ill or has a condition that might be passed on to other students, please use your discretion regarding your child’s attendance.  If you are going to be gone for several days, please fill out the district’s absence letter from our office.    Please call and pick up work if your child has missed more than 1 day of school. 


    Volunteers:  You are always welcome!  I have always enjoyed and relied upon volunteers.  There are so many ways to help out and I really encourage you to do so if you can.  It is a rewarding experience and will make your child’s day to see you in the classroom.  REMEMBER, you must check in at the office before coming to the room.  Please call, email or send a note with your child if you are unable to come in on your scheduled day … I depend on you!  When volunteering, please keep in mind that student academic progress is confidential. 


    Classroom Guidelines & Behavior: 

    Classroom Rules

    1-    Be a listener

    2-    Follow directions!

    3-    Be kindJ

    4-    Always do your BEST!

    The management plan in our classroom is a system designed to help students manage themselves.   I want to help students to remember rules and manners, and to understand that they are responsible for their actions and choices.  I have a simple chart up in the classroom.  All students start their “light” card on green.  If they have not been following rules and I have already given warnings…he/she will change to yellow (means make better choices).  If behavior(s) continue, their card will change to red and I will spend time talking to them privately.  Students can move back from yellow or red if they begin making better choices.  I ask your child to communicate their color to you daily.  I will communicate with you if behaviors are often occurring.

              **NOTE:  We have a Safe School Aide on staff to assist with any severe disruptions.  You will be notified if your child requires such assistance.

    School wide- Eagle Hills Mustangs R.O.C.K.!  Respect, Ownership, Character, Knowledge

     Kelso’s Choices and LOVE & LOGIC strategies


    Snack and water in the classroom:   I allow a quick healthy snack daily.  Often, I will need Clorox wipes to keep germs at a minimum.   Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to school.  Please, no snacks that contain nuts.


    Birthdays:  Our district/school has a “Wellness Policy” and we do not celebrate with treats.  Cupcakes, donuts, etc. are special treats we look forward to for class parties.  We will sing “Happy Birthday” to celebrate, get a Happy Birthday dog tag from the office and a small gift bag from me. 


    Spotlight the Students:  We will have a “STAR OF THE WEEK” bulletin board.  I will provide a poster, which will come home the week prior to your child’s spotlight week (birthday time frame).  Please include pictures to accompany the poster. 


    Share Day:  We will be doing Friday “share” each week for all students.  They will need to bring in something that is special to them and be able to tell the class why it is special.  Time will be very limited.  Toys are not allowed at school, but I will make an exception for share day.  The share will not be allowed out of their backpack until share time.    *Please do not allow your child to bring any type of toy gun, sword, or toy that resembles a weapon.


    Book Orders:  Please make all checks payable to Scholastic Books (good deals).  I will be sending an order home about once a month.  This is a great opportunity to promote the love of reading.  Or you can place orders on-line.  Web address: scholastic.com/bookclubs

    Class Activation Code: H92C6


    Field Trips:  We will be going on 2 field trips this year.  You will always receive information far in advance in order to arrange your schedule to come and join us. 


    Dismissal- *3:55 PM- IMPORTANT- It is crucial that I know if there is any change regarding how your child gets home after school.  Please send a note or call -- I cannot go by your child’s word alone. 



    Class Parties- Class parties will be planned by our designated room parent(s).  Please make your email address and phone number available to her, so it will make party planning easier for her.

    *Brittney Sanders

    Please remember our classroom is a nut free environment.




    Thank you so much for your support.  This is going to be a great and exciting school year!!!  I look forward to working with your child and facilitating their academic and social growth.  I feel so lucky to be a part of your child’s and family’s lives.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I believe communication is essential.  The phone for school is 350-4085 and email address is:  Kraft.Angela@westada.org   Also. I have plans of having a website up and working very soon. 


    Mrs. Kraft