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  • Weekly Specials:

    Monday- Computer

    Tuesday- P.E.

    Wednesday- Library

    Thursday- Music

    Friday- Health

Healthy snacks include veggies, fruits, crackers, and many other easy and nutritious items!

Traditional - Daily

  • Healthy Snacks:

    Healthy snacks will be allowed during the school day to alleviate the time students take between eating meals.  I offer the opportunity to bring a snack as a way to refocus and provide a little brain power partway through the day.  Healthy snacks include, but are not limited to, fruits, vegetables, crackers, granola bars, etc.  Please keep snacks quick and easy to eat.  Please avoid nuts as we have many nut allergies throughout the school.  If you have any questions feel free to ask me or refer to the handout that was sent home in your first Monday folder.