Volunteer with the Fine Arts Program

  •  **Please call or email me what you are interested in helping with. 

    855-4365 (school)



    Displays in school and community:

    1) Help staple artwork before music performances

    2) Staple in the upper campus glass display case

    3) Eagle community buildings, such as the Eagle Library, banks and offices. 

    Displays at Art Show: 

    Artwork from art class will be displayed at the Art Show. We have an Art Show with the Carnival in May and need help with matting art on construction paper, stapling up art and taking down art. 

    Artists in the Classroom:

    If you or a person/group you know is interested in sharing a talent with a class, entire grade or entire school please sign up. We are aspiring artists and need the support and want to gain knowledge from artists in our community.


    Art Moms:

    Art with students in the homeroom class. Sign up with your child’s homeroom teacher.

    Meet the Masters:

    A school wide experience where all students are learning about the same artist at the same time. Parents teach an art lesson that is associated with the artist to the students. Check out the website. We do this once a semester (two times a year) http://meetthemasters.com/

    Sign up with me, Mrs. Wydick, the Art Specialist.


    School Yearbook Photogpher: 

    Help with taking pictures of class and school events for the yearbook!