• Lesson 4.1 Commercial Design Problem

    In this lesson students will work within design teams to develop a preliminary design for a small commercial facility. As part of the design process, they will investigate a potential site for development of their commercial project; research codes, zoning ordinance, and regulations that impact the site; and determine the legal description of the property. Students will develop an architectural program to describe the desired outcome of the project and help guide development. They will become familiar with legal, physical, and financial conditions that should be considered in order to determine the viability of project development and help determine whether a project solution should be undertaken. As the team project progresses, students will apply the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the course to the team commercial project. They will learn new skills related to team design work, including creating a project organization chart, developing and using a Gantt chart to plan and monitor project progress, and holding regular team meetings. Students will document their design according to accepted practice using 3D architectural modeling software.

    Wheelchair Ramp Fail

    Video: Legal Descriptions