Attention all chess players, to get all of your up-to-date VMS Chess Club news, email cornell.lee@westada.org to be added to the VMS Chess Club TEAM App if you're a student of VMS.   Once added, check your email to see the TEAMS notification that you have been added to the VMS Chess Club Team. TEAMS will allow all of the chess students to converse, get updates and monthly chess challenges. 

    All levels of play are welcome at ANY time of the year!  This is a great group to meet new people as well.  

    Due to COVID-19 concerns, 2020-2021 VMS Chess Team will not be attending live tournaments as a school.

    We will be using chess.com to play games against each other.  Please use your school email and password to create your chess.com account.  We have a VMS Club set up there. 

    Thanks so much for your interest!