Attention all chess players, the first Western Idaho Scholastic League Chess Tournament will be held on a Saturday in October at a location to be determined.  To get all of your up-to-date VMS chess news, have your child email cornell.lee@westada.org to be added to the VMS Chess Team list.   Your child can use his/her school email (every student has one!); for student email instructions check out: https://www.westada.org/Page/41431    Ms. Cornell will add your child to the VMS Chess Team's site, which will allow all of the chess students to converse, get updates and weekly challenges via TEAMS.  The shortcut to accessing TEAMS for your child is: http://portal.office.com  All levels of play are welcome at ANY time of the year!  This is a great group to meet new people as well.  Pick up the Chess Team flyer from Ms. Cornell in room 216 before school or check out the VMS Chess website via her page: https://tinyurl.com/VMSchess


    Here is the WISCL flyer: GO TO http://www.WISCL.org to see all WISCL information.

    WISCL Tournament Flyer

    WISCL Flyer Pic

    WISCL Flyer Pic 2