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    If you're a student at VMS, please contact Ms. Cornell at cornell.lee@westada.org to join our VMS TECH SQUAD CLUB if interested.  Once added to our Tech Squad Teams app by Ms. Cornell, you will receive an email confirming that you have access to all conversations within the Tech Squad Team. 

    Our focus will be to create meaningful "how to" videos and also support any technical needs of any of our VMS community.  Additionaly, Tech Squad is a fantastic, safe space to make new friends.  We like to have and will do our best to keep all activities engaging and interactive.

    Please note: Historically, there are two main qualifications VMS Tech Squad members need: natural helper characteristics (including the ability to listen, be flexible and be patient) and leadership skills (including the ability to speak about and demonstrate technological tasks in front of someone you don't know).  Pre-existing tech skills are not that important, as a student can learn all that is needed from the teacher as needed.   

    Due to COVID-19 concerns, Tech Squad will not be doing any in person meetings and will conduct all activity online.  Thank you for your interest, patience and understanding!