• Apple Keynotes 
    Apple Keynote was used.  The students presented to each other to learn about Culture, Native American Culture, and how their lives compared and contrasted.
     Students were put into groups to research and present different information about Missionaries and their interactions with Native Americans.
    Microsoft Publisher 
    Microsoft Publisher was used to make these brochures.  If printed with the 2 sided option they will fold into the brochure.  This is the Rubric that was used to complete the project. Animal Brochure Project Rubric 
    Students were divided into small groups to research information and then produce a short video to teach others. 
    Groups did research on various planets and presented them to their peers with their videos. 
    Students created terrariums to study ecosystems.  They documented the scientific method using iMovie. 
    Students made short video clips to teach about a literary genre.